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I feel wonderful taking Frannie’s classes – just looking at her smiling face and knowing that if I have any questions or concerns, she will spend time answering them. After class I feel energized and always leave with a smile on my face! I wholeheartedly recommend Frannie – she is fun to be with and I always look forward to her classes.


Resident Birmingham, Alabama

Frannie is an outstanding example of kindness and calm and for two years has offered the residents of Episcopal Place the chance to remove themselves from the worries of old age, the news, and aches & pains for an hour each week. Their time with her is a time of relaxation, reflection, power, and encouragement. To quote some of her students: “Frannie is a joy to be around!” “Patient, outgoing, and kind.” “I’m standing better without my cane and my balance is better.” We’re grateful to have Frannie among us.


Activities Director, Episcopal Place

Frannie provides a yoga environment in which I feel challenged, yet very supported. My mind is able to relax as my body is stretched and my joints are opened. When I leave Frannie’s class I feel peaceful and strong.


Director, Churchill Academy, Montgomery, United States



Why are your private sessions in my home?

Providing sessions in the comfort of your own home enhances accessibility and personalization. All that’s required is a space where we can sit facing each other in chairs. For our first session, I will bring appropriate chairs for both of us and help identify a suitable chair that you can use for your self-practice between our sessions.

What should I expect for our first session?

Our first 5-10 minutes will be spent conversing to understand your expectations and how I can best assist you. We’ll start with a simple joint movement series to refine our focus. From there, each subsequent session will be tailored to meet your specific needs. During our fourth meeting, I will provide you with a personalized handout outlining a 15-45 minute sequence that you can practice on your own between our sessions.

How do we pay for small group sessions? Can we split the cost between our group?

Upon booking, one person will be required to make the payment. Then, you can collect payments from your friends either in cash or through a payment app such as Venmo or Paypal.

How often should I schedule a session?

The frequency of our sessions is entirely up to you. However, I strongly recommend meeting at least once a week for the first few weeks. At the fourth session, I will provide you with a personalized handout outlining a 15-45 minute sequence that you can practice between our sessions. If you are highly motivated, you may choose to continue practicing without my guidance or schedule sessions once or twice a month. I recommend maintaining a weekly session if possible for as long as you can so I can help with changes in your mobility over time.

How can I support the classes you teach that are free to the participating students?

I teach two weekly classes at Birmingham-area HUD-funded independent living facilities for seniors and adults with disabilities. Click here to find out more about these classes and ways to contribute towards them.

How can I schedule you to come teach at a local nursing home / assisted living community / independent living community / business?
Contact me! I am happy to create special sequences tailored to the demographics of your group, so just reach out to have a chat.